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Practice Interview with Feedback session

Getting the interview is just the half the battle.  If getting a pre-match or matching to the program of your choice is your goal, a solid interview is where it all happens.

By now you should have reviewed the interview questions and answers available on this site, if not, be sure you to get that first.  You should have performed research on the program where you will be intereviewing.  Start with their webpage and dig into the hospital's activities and affiliations.

Now it's time to test your interviewing skill.  With a 30-minute practice interview, you get a chance to know whether you are really prepared or will you fluster when actually speaking to someone other than the mirror?  How many times did you say "um" in the interview? Do you speak confidently? Too fast? Clearly?

The interviewer will ask you real and common questions for 20 minutes (typical length of a residency interview) and provide detailed and constructive feedback on your interviewing strengths and weaknesses for the remaining 10 minutes.


- Upon receipt of payment, ResidencyInterviewPrep.com will email you asking for a date/time and phone# that you can be reached at for the practice interview.

- We will email you a reminder 24 hours before the scheduled interview.

Having ample practice answering interview questions before your actual interview will ensure that you maintain your composure and answer confidently to questions.  So are you ready to answer "Why should this program be interested in you?" or "Why do you want to join this program"?

Price: $89.99 for 30 minutes

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